Science In Africa - Practical Action 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Kenya - summer 2008

KEFRI - Kenya Forestry Research Institute
TMSC school
Lake Victoria - water treatment
OSIENALA - Friends of Lake Victoria
Solar cooker
Solar fruit dryer
St. Julie Centre
Jamhury tree nursery
Tumaini tree nursery
Oscar Oyalo and his agroforestry farm
Malava landslide restoration
Firewood burning clay stoves
Charcoal dust recyclation
Tumaini 2nd Environmental Seminar

TMSC school

TMSC - Tumaini Miles Of Smiles is a small organisation which cares mostly about poor children and widows in Malava (Western Kenya). I volunteered there again as a science teacher at their primary school.

Main road at Kakoiy Corner - 3 km to Malava, 30 km to Kakamega.

Class 4 during my science lesson. The topic was about light sources.

Photovoltaic panel
Solar panel 40 W (donated by Chris Barickman) used for powering ultraviolet water sterilizer and charging cellphones. After finishing the orphanage the panel will be removed there to provide light. Behind the house you can see a fence of our new tree nursery for calliandra trees.

The old TMSC orphanage for 12 children. They are building a new orphanage for cca 60 children at the new school site.

American volunteers making bricks for the new orphanage
American volunteers making bricks for the new orphanage.