Science In Africa - Practical Action 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Kenya - summer 2008

KEFRI - Kenya Forestry Research Institute
TMSC school
Lake Victoria - water treatment
OSIENALA - Friends of Lake Victoria
Solar cooker
Solar fruit dryer
St. Julie Centre
Jamhury tree nursery
Tumaini tree nursery
Oscar Oyalo and his agroforestry farm
Malava landslide restoration
Firewood burning clay stoves
Charcoal dust recyclation
Tumaini 2nd Environmental Seminar

KEFRI - Kenya Forestry Research Institute

I went to KEFRI Muguga research center to learn about NFT's (Nitrogen Fixing Trees). They showed me their laboratory and provided seeds for excelent agroforestry tree Calliandra calothyrsus. I got also their product: biofertilizer KEFRIFIX (Rhizobium Legume Inoculant) for Caliandra calothyrsus and Sesbania sesban used to enhance its biological nitrogen fixing ability.

KEFRI, Muguga - main entrance
KEFRI (Nairobi, Muguga - main entrance of bio-technology laboratory)

KEFRI, Muguga
Tree greenhouses at KEFRI.

One of their experiments: these two tree species grow well in one package but they die soon when they grow separately.