Science In Africa - Practical Action 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Kenya - summer 2008

KEFRI - Kenya Forestry Research Institute
TMSC school
Lake Victoria - water treatment
OSIENALA - Friends of Lake Victoria
Solar cooker
Solar fruit dryer
St. Julie Centre
Jamhury tree nursery
Tumaini tree nursery
Oscar Oyalo and his agroforestry farm
Malava landslide restoration
Firewood burning clay stoves
Charcoal dust recyclation
Tumaini 2nd Environmental Seminar


Edwin Arasa is a boy living in Nairobi, Kasarani. His school fees have been paid by Z© a M© Křídlovická (a primary school in Brno where I work as a teacher). This adoption was mediated by Humanistické centrum NAROVINU. Their local coordinator in Nairobi (Thomas) organized my meeting with Edwin at his primary school. We met at the beginnig of July and than again one month later.

Edwin recieved several letters from Czech pupils and he answered them all. He was given a football and a big globe provided by Z© a M© Křídlovická. I gave his mother a solar cooker and a fireless cooker (video) made by people from Solar Cookers International office in Nairobi.


Primary school at Kasarani - main building.


Toilet - girls on the left, boys on the right.

Picture: School kitchen
Picture: Clay stove
School kitchen. They use a simple clay stove and (of course) a three stone fire.

School tap water. They add chlorine to the water tank but not sufficient amount. There remain many coliform bacteria in drinking water after chemical treatment. I used Petrifilm test only once and there was no E. Coli bacteria present.