Science In Africa - Practical Action 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Kenya - summer 2008

KEFRI - Kenya Forestry Research Institute
TMSC school
Lake Victoria - water treatment
OSIENALA - Friends of Lake Victoria
Solar cooker
Solar fruit dryer
St. Julie Centre
Jamhury tree nursery
Tumaini tree nursery
Oscar Oyalo and his agroforestry farm
Malava landslide restoration
Firewood burning clay stoves
Charcoal dust recyclation
Tumaini 2nd Environmental Seminar

Solar fruit dryer

Picture: Faustine Odaba with the dryer
Final shape of the solar fruit dryer designed in July 2008 at Malava.

Picture: Sketch of a solar dryer
It started with a sketch of a solar dryer in a book about renewable energy technologies. Prof. H. Othieno from OSIENALA designed this equipment for drying omena fish at Victoria lake region. There are many kinds of solar dryers but I decided to build this one mainly for drying fruits in order to preserve harvest.

Picture: Dryer skelet
The carpenter Michael with his employees made this wooden skelet of the dryer.

Picture: Solar fruit dryer at the carpentry in Malava
Solar fruit dryer at the carpentry in Malava

Picture: Solar fruit dryer at the carpentry in Malava
Inside the solar dryer: four removable frames with wire mesh, walls insulated with aluminium foil, roofing sheetmetal paited black at the bottom of the solar collector.

Picture: Papaja at wire mesh

Picture: Solar fruit dryer at the seminar
Solar fruit dryer presented at the Tumaini 2nd Environmental Seminar.