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[strawbale] La Maison en Paille, Update

Hi Baleheads,

Coralie and I came back home from yet an other SB trip. This time a bit closer by home, Belgium and The Netherlands.

During GreenWeek Harald Wedig and his team have build a modest size SB cabin next to the glas/steel/concrete 'towers of downtown' Brussels. You can see pictures of Agnieszka Komog of GEN at: http://www.gaia.org/secretariats/geneurope/archives/green-week.htm 

It was a great week, made lots of positive contacts, took tons of pictures and some video. 
After the event we went to the Floriade (Holland) to shoot more video and slides. Both Tom Rijven and Martin Oehlmann's projects were nice to visit. 

We will edit the video (when we get a chance) because we think that showing these projects can help SB gaining acceptance. It can show that the European Union is positive about SB building and that the RaboBank (Hollands no.1 mortgage supplier) is investing in this technology.

We came home in France a couple of days ago, and like allways, things keep on flying. The building season has taken off once again.

This spring we will be working on the house and garden and we are getting more and more involved in all kinds of gatherings where we show our presentations and we now also show our SB exhibition. The exibition consists of 12 (for now) panels with images of our SB travels and experiences. We also want to rent out this exibition.

We have planned 4 SB workshops at our place for this summer (5 days, 250 all in, English speakers are also welcome) 
And an Italian friend who helped us build the SB house in India (early 2000) is trying to organize for us to give SB workshops in Italy. (half sept - half oct)

I've been reading the comments on the SB gathering with interest, and I'm glad it was a succes. And I will get back to the subject of 'Development co-operation'. Builders Without Borders (of which we are members) has shown a great interest to live up to its name and spread its wings to Europe and beyond. I will write more on this subject in a week or so, when I can free some more time to write.

This winter we rebuild our SB website (French), but unfortunately we have a little technical problem, the pictures don't show. Hopefully we'll have this fixed soon.

Well, that's it for now, have a great day,


"The world is preparing for a big change... Will you help?"

La Maison en Paille
Habitat Eco-Logique 

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