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Re: [strawbale] Info strawbale building

Hi Mana,

We have a Spanish strawbale email list too, if you want  to join send a
message to majordomo@eyfa... with the words 'subscribe paja' in the body
of the message.

There's not much discussion on it at the moment, but that can all change
of course...!

Rikki Nitzkin is building a strawbale house in a really really beautiful
little village in the Spanish Pyrenees. I was there in March helping with
the foundations and as far as I know she is planning to have a
wall-raising workshop in July.


> From: mana vermeulen <maanster8@hotmail...>
> >Hello,
> >For a couple of years now i have been very interested in Strawbale
> building
> and the mud rendering. I´ve done some clay/mud rendering projects in
> Holland, mostly in privat, loving it, and since my brother build a huge
> strawbale building in Hoenderloo in Holland, i´ve had some inside info
> there
> as well. I´ve mailed with Jostro in Holland, finding out that you guys
> exist...and I´d love to subscribe to this source of information. I´d
> love to
> know as much as possible, if there are projects in Europe, where and if
> they
> need people. At the moment i´m in the south of Spain, working
> voluntarily on
> organic farms, and I´d love to do some strawbale building here as well.
> But
> Germany or France or whatever is all interesting to me since I´m from
> Holland.
> >I´ll look out for your reply! Thanks
> >Mana Vermeulen

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