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Re: [strawbale] Info strawbale building


There is some Spanish SB activity going on. dancanal@hotmail... Daniel
Canaleta in Cadiz is one of the contacts. There are others too but I don't
have their e-mail addresses.

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Date: Monday, May 06, 2002 1:19 PM
Subject: [strawbale] Info strawbale building

>For a couple of years now i have been very interested in Strawbale building
and the mud rendering. I´ve done some clay/mud rendering projects in
Holland, mostly in privat, loving it, and since my brother build a huge
strawbale building in Hoenderloo in Holland, i´ve had some inside info there
as well. I´ve mailed with Jostro in Holland, finding out that you guys
exist...and I´d love to subscribe to this source of information. I´d love to
know as much as possible, if there are projects in Europe, where and if they
need people. At the moment i´m in the south of Spain, working voluntarily on
organic farms, and I´d love to do some strawbale building here as well. But
Germany or France or whatever is all interesting to me since I´m from
>I´ll look out for your reply! Thanks
>Mana Vermeulen
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