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[strawbale] ESBN homepage, CD and translations

Dear Andre & other baleheads

As you can see on our homepage, there is a report in english/german but the
rest of our (huge) homepage is still in german only. There is probably a
possibility to get money for translating it in english, but this is a
program for the next year, maybe we try to make an esbn-site out of it in a
common effort, someday, if we get money for it. Otherwise it will remain

But it is not only the work to translate the pages: We have a lot of
questions to answer now (in german), the more you explain and show on your
website, the more people are asking. So I fear a question-explosion, if we
translate it, and we had to answer questions in english too. I can´t cope
with that without getting money for that work.

On the other hand we have the partner-sites in Europe: yours in french,
Barbara´s in english, Lars´in danish, Rene´s in dutch, Attila´s in
hungarian, Jan´s and Ecodum´s in Czech and so on. What we could improve in
our communication is a better exchange of informations (and pictures) on our
sites and a better link-exchange.

So: If you want to use the bilingual report for your CD, you can do so.
If you want to use our homepage in german only for your CD-Rom-project, I
will send the files to you, too.

Anything more is under construction and will develop in a united effort for
an ESBN-site, or it will not happen. Noone can do this work without getting
paid for it.

Best wishes,
Herbert Gruber, ASBN
asbn austrian strawbale network
herbert & astrid gruber
email: asbn@aon...