[Strawbale] Who wants to host ESBG 2013?

Pawel Sroczynski p.sroczynski at cohabitat...
Thu Sep 1 07:42:35 CEST 2011

hello all ;-)

We at Cohabitat Group (Poland) soon will be preparing a proposal for hosting
ESBG13 in Poland.
Organising Worldwide Cohabitat Gathering 2012 will be just a foretaste of
the vision and capabilities we have for it. ;-))) Hold your chairs folks!

By the way... if it comes to democratic and transparent work... please
research a bettermeans platform...http://bettermeans.com/front/how.html

I strongly inspire you to read whole website - it rocks! We will use this
model to facilitate CHGathering organising process.

Best regards from nanoHabitat :-)

2011/9/1 Max Vittrup Jensen <Max at permalot...>

> Dear Martin,
> I'm unaware about who you are; seems that you mail below was written off
> the list?
> I need to add that if you'll have a look at the ESBG conference program (
> www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz), you'll recognize that this ESBG had a very
> differnet focus than self building; indeed the very successful pre-ESBG tour
> showed some quite hi-tech approaches for SB passive house building (But, no;
> Herbert didn't feel like participating).
> And no; PermaLot's proposal was never suggested in DK, it was first offered
> after the ESBG in Siben Linden, but Gigi insisted it should be in Belgium.
> In Belgium a series of people did as much as possible to prevent it coming
> to CZ, but eventually a majority of European SB people voted for PermaLot to
> host it.
> But worst of all in your mail; 'Should we reclaim authority'???  Back to
> the dark ages of a small insider group choosing among friends? Is this how
> things should be decided? The number one thing this ESBG was about was
> transparency and inclusion. From insuring diversity of countries, surveys,
> openness of information to the lack of 'sheep-hearding' at the workshops and
> participatory events. I do believe this is 2 trademarks of the SB
> development, unfortunately trademarks which a series of people prefer to
> ignore.
> So lets dare to ask the 640 or so Straw balers on this list: Are there
> anyone of you interested in taking on this task?
> All I have to add is that we did receive one offer from Bane M. Prvanović to
> host ESBG 2013 in Serbia.
> Cheers,
> Max
> > Dear Herbert, dear all,
>> >
>> > thanks for Herberts mail. The thread has been a bit lost.?I guess
>> already
>> > since Belgium.?Self-builders are very well on their way and will
>> continue to
>> > do so. Actually?Max's proposal for a gathering in CZ had been already
>> denied
>> > at the gathering in Denmark.
>> >
>> > So shall we sort of reclaim some sort of authority for an organizing
>> committe,
>> > what would be the message for a next gathering, possibly more in form of
>> a
>> > symposium? I would like to see?strawbale-constructions will represent
>> itself
>> > to the large public as one of the ready solutions to the energy and CO2
>> > crisis.
>> >
>> > Best wishes,
>> >
>> > Martin
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