[Strawbale] Who wants to host ESBG 2013?

Max Vittrup Jensen Max at PermaLot...
Thu Sep 1 00:34:21 CEST 2011

Dear Martin,

I'm unaware about who you are; seems that you mail below was written off the

I need to add that if you'll have a look at the ESBG conference program (
www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz), you'll recognize that this ESBG had a very
differnet focus than self building; indeed the very successful pre-ESBG tour
showed some quite hi-tech approaches for SB passive house building (But, no;
Herbert didn't feel like participating).

And no; PermaLot's proposal was never suggested in DK, it was first offered
after the ESBG in Siben Linden, but Gigi insisted it should be in Belgium.
In Belgium a series of people did as much as possible to prevent it coming
to CZ, but eventually a majority of European SB people voted for PermaLot to
host it.

But worst of all in your mail; 'Should we reclaim authority'???  Back to the
dark ages of a small insider group choosing among friends? Is this how
things should be decided? The number one thing this ESBG was about was
transparency and inclusion. From insuring diversity of countries, surveys,
openness of information to the lack of 'sheep-hearding' at the workshops and
participatory events. I do believe this is 2 trademarks of the SB
development, unfortunately trademarks which a series of people prefer to

So lets dare to ask the 640 or so Straw balers on this list: Are there
anyone of you interested in taking on this task?

All I have to add is that we did receive one offer from Bane M. Prvanović to
host ESBG 2013 in Serbia.


> Dear Herbert, dear all,
> >
> > thanks for Herberts mail. The thread has been a bit lost.?I guess already
> > since Belgium.?Self-builders are very well on their way and will continue
> to
> > do so. Actually?Max's proposal for a gathering in CZ had been already
> denied
> > at the gathering in Denmark.
> >
> > So shall we sort of reclaim some sort of authority for an organizing
> committe,
> > what would be the message for a next gathering, possibly more in form of
> a
> > symposium? I would like to see?strawbale-constructions will represent
> itself
> > to the large public as one of the ready solutions to the energy and CO2
> > crisis.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> > Martin
> ***
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