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Thermographic and studies of windows and their technologies A Czech book on improving windows is available elsewhere, at This directory contains more photos made originally for that book. And the author's doctoral thesis, various lectures etc.

Originally, there were but slides for a short lecture and a Czech text explaining basics of thermography if emissivities and thermal fluxes are to be investigated (term_tep). This was a contribution to a workshop on non-destructive testing, "Nedestruktivní testování v technických oborech", at TU Brno on Dec 1, 2004. A contribution to the next, Nov 30, 2005 workshop is term05.

The Low-e_blinds file is an abstract of a contribution for the 9. Passive House Congress (; it has been presented as a poster.

jenik hollan, Feb 09, 2005 and Jan 31, 2014

(another info by me on passive house technologies is e.g. within directory passiv)