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Unprecedented pace of global warming caused by a 0.7 W/m2 radiative disbalance of the Earth (oceans absorbing 10 ZJ/a, some 93 % of the whole) leads to disruption of climate patterns and, together with ocean acidification, to disruption of ecosystem services considered to be granted up to now, implying disruption of human society as well. Global warming (of air just over the Earth surface) is a convenient index (a single number as a function of time), but the full picture of its consequences is something much more serious – demanding a descriptive term as given in the heading. As the Wake Up, Freak Out film puts it at its end:

‘These are extraordinary times. Preventing runaway global warming is the most important task in all of human history, and it has fallen to us to do it. If we don't, then everything else we work to achieve in our lives will be destroyed, or become meaningless... Those who came before us didn't know about this problem, and those who come after will be powerless to do anything about it... But for us, there's still time! We'd better get a move on though.’

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