[Strawbale] permissible load on load-bearing strawbale

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The testing has shown that plastered strawbales can take tremendous loads.  Links or summaries of some of those tests are posted on the Ecological Building Network website.  http://www.ecobuildnetwork.org  They are trying to build a useful, natural building library.  Check it out, and contribute to it.

The testing is on this page:  http://www.ecobuildnetwork.org/library/building-materials/fibers/straw/strawbale

On that page, you will also find a link to free PDF downloads of Bruce King (and others) outstanding reference, Design of Strawbale Buildings: The State of the Art.  It’s a great book for understanding many aspects of building.


On Jul 12, 2014, at 4:50 PM, Nikolay Marinov <nikvesmar at gmail.com<mailto:nikvesmar at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi everyone,
can I ask does anyone knows what is the allowable load for clay or lime plastered Load-bearing Strawbale walls ?

The project will take place in Bulgaria, near Shabla, still we do not have building codes for Load-bearing, so any advice from seismic active regions will be very welcome. This building is planed to be experimental educational center for sustainable development and for us this is part of a great mission and challenge.

According to the calculations of the engineer the expected load from the green roof to the strawbale wall will be 1720 kg/m /kilograms per linear meter/ or 16,867 kN/m.

I am attaching some drawings to make it more clear.

This kind of buildings are still not legal according to our building codes /except the one build from Barbara Jons in Hotnica/, so we want to design it properly as it should be. We want it to be correct according our own personal and community building and moral codes.
With your help one day it will be all.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards
Nikolay Marinov, architect

арх. Николай Маринов
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