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Anyone interested in the response may see for themselves here:
In theory we should wait for the Germans to come to a compromise within
their conflicting votes, but as it won't influence the end result I'm happy
to announce that Cohabitat will be the next host.

Naturally we'll arrange for full transparency of our preparation; all
mails, email addresses, graphical work etc., hoping it will get them on to
a smooth start..
[-It's easy done as it's all on our Gmail account, we just have to share
the log in and password: Hooray for open participatory organizational
structures!! ]

Sorry, Bane M. Prvanovic; we look forward to learning more about your
mysterious invention, and hope to see you in Poland in 2013. In the
meantime: DragOn!

And hereby a last....

"On behalf of the ESBG2011 team"
Max Vittrup Jensen
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