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Dear Orio and others,

The proposed procedures was announced to 1500+ email recipients on February
3rd, including an appeal to stablish voting systems in your various
countries. Setting up a simple Poland/Serbia voting ballot takes about 15
minutes on google documents.
The deadline for proposals was March 1st and 2nd of March the 1500+ email
recipients were notified about the potential to vote; the national contacts
were notified on 3rd of March. Rene Dalmeijer is supposed to be the
national contact for Netherlands.

While I have no reason to critique Rene Dalmeijer, I would like to -as my
final ESBG host international plea- to make you aware that it s very
unfortunate for the future hosts, and international straw bale work in
general, that there exists no pan-European contact networks system. It is
my clear experience that the list which was composed in 2009 is extremely
disfunct, to the extend that it works contrary to intentions as in some
cases it's a fact that mailing those networkers is the best way NOT to
disseminate any information.

Please view this as an honest encouragement to you all to initiate open
transparent communication structures in each country. It does not need to
be complicated and work intensive. It can simply be a google mail account
(fx: Dutchstrawbalenet at gmail.com) which gets mail forwarded to anyone who
so desire, and a group of trusted people has the password for. All
documents can be saved as google documents, available for all to read.
Suddenly there's no more power struggle, manipulations, secrecy, work
overload, omissions, bottlenecks...whichever may be the current situation
in some countries. Naturally the adjoined google calendar could list all
national and international SB events...

It's really that simple. If you choose to do so, then please post the email
address here and mail it to the ESBG 2013 host...

PS: You all still have a few more hours to vote in: Instructions and links
on www.permalot.org: Please don't use this e-list and bother everyone
+sadden the one host whom you're not voting on ;o)

Max Vittrup Jensen
www.permalot.org - www.jen-sen.cz

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