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Dear Sarah,

>where are you from? It sounds that you have never been to Germany an
picture it as a country with hobbit houses made of high-level-radiating
earth. Everybody is freaked out of course. Hello..please back to reality and
serious facts please. 

>Germany has an infinitisemal small percentage of earthen houses, we
strawbale and earth builders are all kind of at the periphery of the whole
building scene. Most houses are made from bricks, 5% of Wood.

>There are some areas where the earth emits radon, I think this is the
radiation that you are talking of, which indeed contributes to lung cancer.
It is therefore wise, and every builder should know this, that if certain
geological circumstances are met (e.g. schist), one should measure radon on
the building site. If there is radon-emission, it can easily be handled by
simply sealing the foundation. Radon becomes only harmful if it accumulates
in closed spaces.

Some clay also contains a higher level of radon which can and should be
measured. If you have high levels of radon in the clay, don`t use it. 

So your concern is valid, but it is not a widespread problem and not a
problem of Germany and China exclusively. 

Just keep it in mind, measure your site and the material and then either
take measures or don`t use the material.

Greetings, Tilman from Shaktihaus 


Original message:


Hi everybody,

There is a real concern that radiation from earth in buildings are at
harmful levels, especially in Germany and china. I would like to hear what
you know and think of it as I am contacted by nervous clients about the
matter. I have a hard time finding information on the subject. A German
article was describing the high levels of radiation as being a big
contributor to lung cancer which has freaked out the German population as it
has a large amount of earthen houses. It is Thoron that is the suspect.

If you know about how to stop radiation from walls, like paints or wall
paper, etc, let me know also.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Sara Tommerup


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