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On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 07:50:20 -0400, Martin Mikush <martinmikush at gmail.com>  
> I have cheap axess to strawbales. Unfortunately have no land available  
> for proper strawbale building.
> I am looking into any ideas

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A thought that popped into my head is that you could cast tilt-up panels  
(ie put down a layer of plaster & tensile reinforcement over top of a  
sheet membrane (ie polyethylene) which would function as a separation  
sheet to prevent bonding to whatever flat surface is below), plop in the  
bales and then slather on a layer of reinforced plaster over top.

You'd need to make a lifting rig (at the simplest, three poles lashed  
together with a extendable swing-arm at the top) to move the panels around  
but that would be quick/cheap/easy.

Once the plaster has cured properly and achieved sufficient strength, the  
panels can be stacked on top of each other, stickered as you would for  
lumber to ensure good air circulation in and around the panels to minimise  
the chances of mould formation and provide a weather barrier over the top  

Once you've found the building site, load the panels onto a float trailer  
and deliver them to the site to be erected on your foundation. (I've  
over-simplified the description of the process but you get the idea)

Site-cast, insulated core tilt-up panels are used extensively around my  
neighbourhood for large commercial buildings -- everything from big box  
stores to campuses for fast-growing high-tech companies needing office  
space quickly.

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