[Strawbale] quick and efficient ?

Martin Mikush martinmikush at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 13:50:20 CEST 2012

I have cheap axess to strawbales. Unfortunately have no land available for
proper strawbale building.

I am looking into any ideas for a fast track building process of a straw
bale small house or efficient starage for using them and keeping them dry
for next year.

so far my considerations are :

Building a plywood covered deck over few rows of gabions for foundation
stacking two semi-circular walls , shifted ( have seen such house somewhere
on the net ) now here the issue is with the size - what would be the
minimum diameter for a round (in plan ) wall to be stable )?
Building a continuous bond-beam on top and reciprocal roof structure.
covering with cheap vinil / tarp on top .

Well depending on time we may get it rendered with mud on both sides before
the winter.

However if we leave it for the winter with bare strawbales - is this a
major problem and how to prevent it from soaking moisture ?

Peace and prosperity

Martin  Mikush
+359 877786118
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