[Strawbale] Fw: industrialization of bale wall construction

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Wed Feb 15 19:43:27 CET 2012


You said: "Things change fast...so do minds. When I first heard about
pre-fab I scorned the idea, now I believe it's the way of the future for SB

I wrote the same with other words as an answer to Bane's mail, where he said
the same: "It surprised me that strictest nature lover among us (I took a
freedom to express my personal impression of Max) has changed his attitude
about industrial approach to SBB."

And you said after the ESBG 2009 on this list:
15.09.2009: Let me start out by saying that I share your opinion against
'prefab', mainly due to the added Embodied Energy in the process...

But enough of that....
You're still angry because I didn't like the basic approach of ESBG 2011 and
wrote this letter. After that we all said we were sorry to express it this
way and ended the strory. So let it be ended.


If I misunderstood your (or Michael's) sentence "lot of transports + lot of
logistics + lot of machinery = lot of money, no matter if government refund
some of the costs" and " WENECO System will make strawbale building possible
and easy anywhere by anyone, with minimal consumption of fossil fuels...", I
am sorry.

And maybe you feel accused, what I didn't want, I'm just often confronted
with terms like industrialization, reglementation, certification of
strawbale building, which often implements big business (bad) compared to
the self-builders attitude (good).

I believe that in ecological and strawbale building everything is possible
and usefull side on side, different opinions, different techniques,
different approaches. Business as well as Non-business. That we learn from
each other in a steady evolutionary process.

Sorry, when my trial to clear this offended you (or others).

PS: .. and I am also no native english speaker (as most of us on this list)
and am often not able to make remarks and wits as elegant as Englishmen or

Liebe Grüße
Herbert Gruber
d.sign Gruber & Partner KG
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3720 Ravelsbach, Baierdorf 6
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> Dear list manager:
> Another mail; more false statements:
> "You can try to make the future of ESBG your own,
> pretending that there are no competent networkers in Europe..."
> All information regarding previous and election of the next ESBG is
> available on www.permalot.org. Anyone can read there's nothing 'made by
> me'. All is open. (Unlike the clearly stated desires of Herbert).
> There's several competent networkers in Europe. Significantly those who
> have been elected in to the position.
> And this one very misguiding/manipulating:
> "as far as I remember, you were against these trends."
> Nothing is further from the truth. However I've always want to ensure that
> it will remain a possibility for anyone to DIY with local bales.
> Max

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