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Michael wrote some questions online, but I deem it likely that there's more
folks interested in these answers so here they are on the list:

To the best of my knowledge (and as organizer of ESBG 2011 I believe I have
a fairly good insight to the SB development), there's really no significant
problems building with SB anywhere in Europe. There is various parameters
to meet in some countries (static and insulation) but to the best of my
knowledge fire codes is no longer a problem.
There's factories, conference halls, gyms, schools, University and social
housing (even a 3-story hotel) being built with straw; UK is likely leading
in the large scale buildings.
In other words; I see no obstacles for mainstream use, other than mentality
of investors. This is where the pre-fab may lead the way, as it overrides
the 'long-haired' DIY issue.
You also wonder if passive house is only residential buildings: No, here in
CZ a conference center was made to passive house standards, and the
building included some straw (+ loads of steel and concrete!). PH standards
are only 4 technical parameters, nothing about size, function, purpose and
significantly; nothing about environmental parameters.

About this list: There's subscribers (Believe around 800?) from everywhere,
not just Europe.

Bane: Looking very much forward to finding out what your magic new straw
concept is all about! (I'm about to hire a couple of paparazzi
photographers!). As for your projections about me; That's your problem.
I've been actively promoting building with big bales the past 4 years as a
way to reach the main stream with effective building. And they require a
crane to be built. Biggest change I see is that I'm now shifting focus to
pre-fab. I do this due to the logistic issues of big bales, and due to
pre-fab requiring even less time to assemble when exposed to the outdoors.
But yes, we also run an unfunded educational centre for natural building.
And yes, I do my best to ensure that further generations can enjoy our

Caroline: Thanks!

Max Vittrup Jensen
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