[Strawbale] Fw: industrialization of bale wall construction

Max Vittrup Jensen Max at PermaLot.org
Wed Feb 15 17:43:27 CET 2012

Dear list manager,

Considering Herberts previous massive slandering of me and the entire ESBG
team and event, a series of untrue and wrongful observations,  in which
Tomas and I proved him dead wrong on countless of his accusations, I kindly
ask you to filter his derogatory remarks about my person, PermaLot or the

As for his recent ridiculous statement: Does building a demonstration big
bale wall at the national fair grounds in Prague, May 2009 seen by 17000
visitors prove you wrong? Does my scientific paper from December 2007
comparing a BB passive house with a non SB house serve the same purpose?
Herbert: Go to hell.

Very sincerely,
Max Vittrup Jensen
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