[Strawbale] Fw: industrialization of bale wall construction

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Wed Feb 15 18:04:18 CET 2012


You can try to make the future of ESBG your own,
pretending that there are no competent networkers in Europe...
but you don't hopefully have the power to exclude me from an open discussion
Otherwise I would doubt on its democratic basic attitudes.

Terms like " Go to hell " on such a list should be a reason for exclusion,
although my own democratic attitudes forbid me to vote for that.

What I wanted to say with a harmless sentence like "Yes, I think Max
conversion is really astonishing..." is, that we had a big discussion on
ESBG in Belgium (2009) about industrialization and certification of
strawbales and as far as I remember, you were against these trends...
Nothing more, personally I think, that having a different opinion to
yesterday is only a sign of open-mindedness and nothing bad.
We learn each day and if we know better it would be silly to repeat our old
opinions and prejudices...

Mit lieben Grüßen
Herbert Gruber
asbn - austrian strawbale network
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> Dear list manager,
> Considering Herberts previous massive slandering of me and the entire ESBG
> team and event, a series of untrue and wrongful observations,  in which
> Tomas and I proved him dead wrong on countless of his accusations, I kindly
> ask you to filter his derogatory remarks about my person, PermaLot or the
> As for his recent ridiculous statement: Does building a demonstration big
> bale wall at the national fair grounds in Prague, May 2009 seen by 17000
> visitors prove you wrong? Does my scientific paper from December 2007
> comparing a BB passive house with a non SB house serve the same purpose?
> Herbert: Go to hell.
> Very sincerely,
> Max Vittrup Jensen
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