[Strawbale] Strawbale Construction in Ghana

Davide Celotto davide.celotto at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 14:15:59 CEST 2012

Dear Martin,

I am Davide Celotto and I already wrote you regarding your project of the
strawbale buildings and ecovillage. I'm currently studying in England
Environmental Management and Self Sufficient communities in order to
acquire a better knowledge regarding self-sufficiency, autonomy and
self-organised communities for my own future project in the same field.
I have decided that in the next 2 years to the termination of my studies
I'll try to save each single penny, avoiding parties, drinks, smoking and
anything else possible, in order to put all my efforts not just in my
studies but also in the realization of the project.
Furthermore during all the vacations given from my University I'll start
travelling around in EU to support materially with volunteer activities the
different self-organised communities and ecovillages to learn how to
develop my projects in the next future (I have imposed myself to start
choosing a land to buy and the project in 3 years time). In the meanwhile
I'll need to participate to as many different projects, mainly in EU, to
get a practical knowledge of the works to develop in the field and in
general in a community to reach a self sufficiency status.
If it will be possible to participate in some volunteering in your project
during christmas time (when i should receive 2 or 3 weeks off from my
studies), I will be honoured to be accepted in your village and cooperate
with you, so I can also contact the woman from Ghana and decide later on
where to develop my future community (whether in EU, South America or
Regards, all my best wishes to you and your community,

Davide Celotto

mob.: +39.388.327.517.6

Joint Honours programme in Tourism&Environmental studies, University of

2, Harvest Mead
Hatfield, Hertfordshire
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