[Strawbale] Structural analysis of geodesic structures - request for information

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My name is Eddy MEYSMAN and live near Antwerp, Belgium.  For the last five years, I am preparing to build a home. Because the house had to be HEALTHY and environmental friendly I decided very early that it would be a straw bale house. So all my workshops were in the field of straw bale - and earth building.

There is one other technology I want to use; a geodesic structure. I like to build it from round small-diameter timber. The house will not be spherical, as most of these buildings, but it will be recognizable as "geodesic" and will be crowned with a green roof.

The green roof is of the intensive type. This means weight, a lot of weight. And it is there that starts my problem.

Because this roof has such a big load, I want to (must) perform a structural analysis. I posses the skills to do so, although a little rusty, for more ordain structures like trusses, a pylon, or a bridge. So if I find an explanation on how to do it for geodesic structures, I am confident, that I come through it.

So I am looking for the last few weeks on the internet. Although you find as much articles on geodesic domes as you find on straw bale building, I had very little success with structural analysis of geodesic domes. 

So here is my question: Does anyone has an article, procedure, instruction, ... that describes how to perform a structural analysis on geodesic structures?

I understand that regulations and standards do play a role and that in different parts of the world different loads have to be accounted for. But that is not what I am after. I will, in the end, have to line up with the appropriate Eurocode. What I am after is the principal methodology and, if possible, some examples of that methodology on practical cases.

Thank you for the time you took to read my request, and I hope to hear from some of you.

Kind regards

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