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> Hello,
> My name is Tomas. I have been following this mailing list for at  
> least 2 years.
> It has very usefull info.
> Could anybody share pictures or drawings of hand operated straw  
> baler. I would
> like to make one for compacting loose bales. I had the tractor  
> compacting bales
> last year, but since? the tactor attached balers?in the area are  
> very old,?it
> did?not compress bales very well. The strings are loose, so I'm  
> thinking about
> recompacting those bales (about 800 pcs.). I know its tremendous  
> work, but it
> has to be done if I want to have warm house :)??I have?found some  
> pictures
> online and ?understand how to make the box and the handle,

This model, is easy to use:

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I can also get detailed information (in spanish) for a hand-operated  
baling press (to make bales from loose straw), but it is a slow and  
laborious process. I don't know if its worth the bother.

> but do not understand
> how/where to attache strings so they wouldn't be in the way when  
> loading loose
> bales.

Try tying the new strings to the loose bale before putting it in the  
new box. A simple tye (so they don't fall off) is enough.

or you can leave a gap between boards and pass the string around the  
bale/box after the bale is in.

take care,

> Can? one person operate one hand baler, or it has to be another tieyng
> the strings?
> Thank you!
> Tomas
> http://www.siaudinesodyba.blogspot.com/
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