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Tue Mar 22 11:14:59 CET 2011

Dear all,

Yesterday we were informed that we were not successful with a grant
application to support the ESBG. We'll retry, how we'll first find out
in lat May if it's successful 2nd time around. If it is we'll try to
have one of the leading Pakistani Paksbab builders come and tell their

However the overall ESBG budget is based on participant payments. We
have sold little over half the tickets, and now the ticket price has
raised to 200 Euro; we'll prefer to sell out as soon as possible, so
we're aggressively raising the price to 240 by 1st of July. There's no
longer national limits of participation.

We now start soliciting abstracts for the Friday conference, with each
presenter getting a 17 min 'TED talk' format for their presentation.
The first theme for the first 1/2 day is '“Entrepreneurship and
Education”, the afternoon theme is: “New development and research”.
The chosen presenters are allowed to join for the initial 150 euro

We have a few ideas who to contact, but would appreciate if any of you
can recommend presenters within the above mentioned themes? Please
write your recommendation to esbgteam at gmail... [not simply hit
'reply' and bother this elist]

Happy spring,

Max/ESBG team
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