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Thu Jun 16 13:34:16 CEST 2011

Dear all balers,

I feel the moment has come for an update about the ESBG 2011, happening in
Czech Republic on 23-27 of August 2011.

Time is flying and we're keeping busy,  doing our best to get ready to host
all the participants from more than 20 nations. You are still welcome to
join; there's about 50 tickets still left and remember that the price
increase from 200 euro to 240 euro after July 1st. So to save money means
book today.... or  better: just do it

Here's a summary of what we can offer:
Tuesday 23/08: Optional tours of Slovak or Czech straw bale buildings. ESBG
2011 starts at 5 PM. Hurraa!
Wednesday; Mainly practical workshops; skill sharing.
Thursday: 'Open Space' and 'World Cafe'; knowledge sharing, discussions,
work groups and consensus.  Facilitated to make sure everyone has a chance
to meet, network and ensure that the ESBG will help future cooperation
across borders.
Friday:*European Straw Bale Conference:*
An intense day with 17x 18 minute www.ted.com type presentations over the
themes 'education', 'research' and 'entrepreneurship'. See the impressive
detailed program here <http://www.permalot.org/esbg2011>, created by James
Morrison <http://www.bluesquash.co.uk/>, our wonderful British graphic
designer helping out from rural Spain. During breaks you'll be able to see
the e-mixer (cob cannon), Drag-on sprayer or other products in action.

Friday evening: *Concert* at  Bouzov
the award winning celtic music band 'Poitin'
Saturday; *E-Cohabitat:*
A series of combined events; Natural Building workshops as part of our "4th
annual National celebration of Natural Building", supported by an
eco-tradeshow with everything from building materials to diapers, and none
the least an organic farmers market. We'll officially finish the ESBG at
5pm, but those staying during the evening can enjoy a mobile eco-cinema, as
well as 25 illuminated hot-air balloons up by the castle !!!
Sunday: We are arranging a national Open Door event at about 20 of the 24
legal Czech residential straw bale houses, which means you may want to visit
some on your way home... That process can be followed
And of course, important part of the program is fun, extraordinary delicious
food and sharing the experiences about the straw, mud and meaning of life.
The nights in Podoli are strangely long...

Or perhaps you want to return for an EU sponsored 10 day workshop focused on
learning all about Big Bale Building? It starts at September 1st, and
facilitators are Noe Solsona, Michal Kallesen and Max Vittrup Jensen.
Ideally this will function as an in-depth skill share among people with
experience in the topic + some who has a keen interest in pursuing this
building approach. contact max at permalot... for more information.

All of this is joint with a Linkedin.com group, allowing all registered (and
paid !) participants to communicate before and after the event.

All of the above means that behind the scenes we have planted 1/2 hectare of
vegetables, that a front loader is arriving this week to do rough
landscaping where the 3 large conference tents will be, that we're busy
getting well and reedbed waste water filter arranged, expanding kitchen
facilities, dormitory, separating composting toilets, solar/wood heated
showers, teahouse!!!, bar, along with rental of equipment, arranging visa's
etc., etc.

We hope this gives you a good idea of what the ESBG is going to be like?
I bet it will be an unforgettable gathering....
Looking forward to see you there.

Fano and the ESBG team
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