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Tue Jun 21 15:41:49 CEST 2011

Hi Max,

Any news on the organized SB tours to get to the ESBG?

Le 16/06/2011 13:34, ESBG 11 a écrit :
> Dear all balers,
> I feel the moment has come for an update about the ESBG 2011, 
> happening in Czech Republic on 23-27 of August 2011.
> Time is flying and we're keeping busy,  doing our best to get ready to 
> host all the participants from more than 20 nations. You are still 
> welcome to join; there's about 50 tickets still left and remember that 
> the price increase from 200 euro to 240 euro after July 1st. So to 
> save money means book today.... or  better: just do it NOW. 
> <http://permalot.org/esbg2011registration>
> Here's a summary of what we can offer:
> Tuesday 23/08: Optional tours of Slovak or Czech straw bale buildings. 
> ESBG 2011 starts at 5 PM. Hurraa!
> Wednesday; Mainly practical workshops; skill sharing.
> Thursday: 'Open Space' and 'World Cafe'; knowledge sharing, 
> discussions, work groups and consensus.  Facilitated to make sure 
> everyone has a chance to meet, network and ensure that the ESBG will 
> help future cooperation across borders.
> Friday:*European Straw Bale Conference:*
> An intense day with 17x 18 minute www.ted.com <http://www.ted.com/> 
> type presentations over the themes 'education', 'research' and 
> 'entrepreneurship'. See the impressive detailed program here 
> <http://www.permalot.org/esbg2011>, created by James Morrison 
> <http://www.bluesquash.co.uk/>, our wonderful British graphic designer 
> helping out from rural Spain. During breaks you'll be able to see the 
> e-mixer (cob cannon), Drag-on sprayer or other products in action.
> Friday evening: *Concert* at Bouzov 
> <http://www.moraviatourism.cz/place.php?id=44%20>castle 
> <http://www.moraviatourism.cz/place.php?id=44%20> with the award 
> winning celtic music band 'Poitin' <http://www.poitin.cz/>.
> Saturday; *E-Cohabitat:*
> A series of combined events; Natural Building workshops as part of our 
> "4th annual National celebration of Natural Building", supported by an 
> eco-tradeshow with everything from building materials to diapers, and 
> none the least an organic farmers market. We'll officially finish the 
> ESBG at 5pm, but those staying during the evening can enjoy a mobile 
> eco-cinema, as well as 25 illuminated hot-air balloons up by the 
> castle !!!
> Sunday: We are arranging a national Open Door event at about 20 of the 
> 24 legal Czech residential straw bale houses, which means you may want 
> to visit some on your way home... That process can be followed here. 
> <http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/>
> And of course, important part of the program is fun, extraordinary 
> delicious food and sharing the experiences about the straw, mud and 
> meaning of life. The nights in Podoli are strangely long...
> Or perhaps you want to return for an EU sponsored 10 day workshop 
> focused on learning all about Big Bale Building? It starts at 
> September 1st, and facilitators are Noe Solsona, Michal Kallesen and 
> Max Vittrup Jensen. Ideally this will function as an in-depth skill 
> share among people with experience in the topic + some who has a keen 
> interest in pursuing this building approach. contact max at permalot... 
> <mailto:max at permalot...> for more information.
> All of this is joint with a Linkedin.com group, allowing all 
> registered (and paid !) participants to communicate before and after 
> the event.
> All of the above means that behind the scenes we have planted 1/2 
> hectare of vegetables, that a front loader is arriving this week to do 
> rough landscaping where the 3 large conference tents will be, that 
> we're busy getting well and reedbed waste water filter arranged, 
> expanding kitchen facilities, dormitory, separating composting 
> toilets, solar/wood heated showers, teahouse!!!, bar, along with 
> rental of equipment, arranging visa's etc., etc.
> We hope this gives you a good idea of what the ESBG is going to be like?
> I bet it will be an unforgettable gathering....
> Looking forward to see you there.
> Cheers,
> Fano and the ESBG team
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