[Strawbale] A request that came to DCAT from Switzerland

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Sun Jun 12 20:04:45 CEST 2011

Dear Lisa and Louis,
Hello David Eisenberg, Hello all,

There are some points really easy to find about the durability of a strawbale 
	* You can contact several professionnal in this area in France.
	* There's a welknown house in france built in 1921 in Montargis south of Paris. 
This house is still a pretty inhabited house. you can find it on the internet 
with google and search.

In France, Germany, Austria, Belgium professional work and build house and they 
don't built them for a small period of 15 years!!
	* You have the welknown German organisation named FASBA if you speak german 
there's a lots of information.
	* The French one RFCP (which work for the respect of laws contruction and 
	* Authorities here in France are building sport hall, nursery, social houses so 
not only for 15 years!
	* But you can also find an answer  by contacting an architect who works in 
switzerland named Werner schmidt

Austrian are also in advance.
In Europe   technical research work with professional to improve the activity.

So Yes you will find profesional answers which will help you to build your file 
and serious help, I am sure. 
As I prepared a specialized Master in Business intelligence, 2 years ago I wrote 
a thesis about "strawbale Houses in Europe and what could bring this activity  
to the market place". 
I took part At the belgium ESBG week in August in Belgium and was pleased to see 
and hear David Eisenberg and a lots of professional with strawbalen ball as well 
as German who are more advanced.

The architect Werner Schmidt in switzerland works for companies and privates 
people  he has built house and building of 2 or 3 levels. really impressive!! 

And believe me if it wasn't strong they would never ever build it.
So I am pretty sure that you will find, results and answers from those links I 
wrote you here. Just search on the internet and try to contact those people.

The movement now is more and more known so so shoud succeed.
People who are not informed often have so false ideas about strawbale!! amazing!

Do not hesitate to re-contact me by mail in case you need more infos.
And good luck for your project!
Best Regards

Jacqueline Renaud

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Subject: [Strawbale] A request that came to DCAT from Switzerland

Hello all,

I am hoping that there is someone in Switzerland or at least on this list in 
Europe who can give this person the help they are requesting.

Thank you,

David Eisenberg

Date: June 11, 2011 10:37:19 PM PDT

Email: lamdaki at live...
Questions: Hello Mr. Eisenberg,

we are a little family living in Nax, Switzerland.
We want to build a small hotel with as a straw bale house 
.  We got pretty far with our project, found a bank to finance it, but  their 
constriction expert doesn\'t know how to handle this kind of  construction.
Not having a straw bale house in the region he estimated the durability at 15 
Do  you have any sources, documents about straw bale houses older than  40/50 
years? Something we can prove that it is to be handled as any  other building?

Thank you very much

Lisa and Louis Papadopoulos

By the way, we have your name from Natural Homes.
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