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Tue Jul 19 23:00:41 CEST 2011


Last week put some scratch coat onto my strawbale garage. The render mix that I 
have used for the inside was 4 parts coarse sand to 1 part pure clay to 0,5 
part chopped straw. With this mix everything went perfect,  no cracks appeared 
when the plaster dried.
 For the outside scratch coat I used the same ratio plus added hydrated lime in 
powder to the mix. The ratio of the lime I tried to keep to around 5% of the 
mix. The outside plaster cracked a lot. I'm sure that the reason for the cracks 
was lime. There was little area outside where I did not put lime in the plaster, 
and in this area no cracks appeared when the plaster dried. What ratio of lime 
should I keep in the mix for the outside?


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