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hello thomas,

Did you mix hydrated lime powder with water first or just add to the mix as 
powder? I've never used hydrated lime but as far as I'm aware it works 
similar to lime puty when hydrated with water and added to earthen/clay 

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Last week put some scratch coat onto my strawbale garage. The render mix 
that I
have used for the inside was 4 parts coarse sand to 1 part pure clay to 0,5
part chopped straw. With this mix everything went perfect, no cracks 
when the plaster dried.
For the outside scratch coat I used the same ratio plus added hydrated lime 
powder to the mix. The ratio of the lime I tried to keep to around 5% of the
mix. The outside plaster cracked a lot. I'm sure that the reason for the 
was lime. There was little area outside where I did not put lime in the 
and in this area no cracks appeared when the plaster dried. What ratio of 
should I keep in the mix for the outside?




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