[Strawbale] Car sharing and tours ESBG 2011

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Sat Jul 16 23:20:02 CEST 2011

Dear Catarina ...and everyone else on the list.

While I'm certain Lea is happy to respond to you too, then I'd like to
clarify that as this list reaches about 600+ subscribers, and as it's only a
fraction of them who has registered for the ESBG, we try to use it for
general information and not for such detailed questions.We've instead
invited all paid participants to join a Linkedin Group where such issues can
be shared; we may also start a Google+ Circle (Google's new approach to
Facebook contacts).Please use LinkedIn or esbgteam at gmail...

I'm aware that Lea mailed the link, as well as a link to the current email
address list to all registered participants (wouldn't be appropriate to
share it with non-ESBG participants). We'll resend the mail to you in case
your spam filter caught it, etc.

About the Dormitory: Nothing fancy: It's simply a wooden floor in a
non-finished straw bale house. You would need to bring a karrimat and
sleeping bag. (Somewhat comparative to the army tent at ESBG2009.)


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> Subject: Re: [Strawbale] Car sharing and tours ESBG 2011
> Dear Lea,
> I´m trying to find a way to get to Bouzov. I´m in Portugal and I don´t know
> if someone else is going to start the trip here. Or if not, can you pass me
> the contacts of people in Spain?
> I didn´t recive any link or info to the online car share program.
> Another question, if staying in dormitory, what do we need to take with us
> to sleep?
> Thanks for your help.
> Cheers,
> Catarina
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