[Strawbale] Cohabitat, The Movie. A story about building collective dream... in straw!

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Mon Jul 11 17:51:59 CEST 2011

Dear strawbale friends all over the world ;-)

I'm happy to share with you our youngest creation ;-) Together with rest of
the CohabitatGroup <http://www.cohabitat.net/> wonderful team (big thanks to
filmmaker Jacek Burban from http://www.flowmotion.pl) we've made a movie
documenting extraordinary event:1st *Polish Strawbale Gathering 2011* (thx
Max V. Jansen for inspiration :). It was exciting time for us! Hope you will
be able to feel some of it though movie shots ;-)

here it is:

We were building *nanoHabitat* v0.1alpha. An open-source small cabin. This
project was a delicious fruit of the cooperation between
CohabitatGroup and United
Nations Development Programme <http://undp.org.pl/>. Together we started a
program of implementing natural building techniques for resolving some
social issues. Few young people from sociotherapy city center were working
with us full time - how about creating job opportunities in naturalbuilding
'*industry*' for them ? :-) We find this idea really promising.

We used PICAS clay plasters for the inside finish. Even Michal Navratil
visted us ;-)) Thank you Michal for your knowledge and sharing your love and
passion to plasters.

We want to release building documentation for this cabin in early autumn,
together with Cohabitat, The movie premiere.

Hope you will enjoy this stuff ;-)
Best regards from Poland! :-)

ps. here you will find some photos from the building site:
Paweł Sroczyński
*architect, project manager*

*Natural Architecture Studio

mobile: +48606484141
www:    http://www.cohabitat.net/
skype:  pawelsroczynski

Integrating nature, technology and humanity.
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