[Strawbale] European Tehnical Approval of strawbale as a construction product

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Sun Dec 18 15:24:54 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your aspects. I totally agree with you and I despise the
bureaucrac our country makes every day to make things hard or
impossible. The problem I came to in my research for the masters study
is if we have standards or technical regulations for strawbale as a
building brick in our country (Slovenia). Of course I have to struggle
to get over all the red tape and among this sea of data I found ETA
which would be the end of my anaysis if such thing for strawbale would
exits on a EU level. My prediction is that such thing doesn`t exist.
However if we get to real life. I presume you could probably build a
loadbearing strawbale house in Slovenia for yourself, but when you
come to public buildings the regulations are much more strict where
everything have to be done after legislation, laws and regulations.
Has anybody expirience with building loadbearing strawbale building
without sufficient legislature. How have you obtained buidling permit?
Did you have to do certification through different tests, like they
did it in Austria and Czech rep. or is there any middle way (so the
local authorities recognize foreign test as plausible and give a
stamp). I am going to have a talk to the representative of goverment
tomorrow (director of regional goverment administration) to see what
are his views regarding this topic. I mean if strawbale building wants
to become mainstream it needs to be backed up with regulations as
well, otherwise authorities can come to diffent decisionsin the same
country about the same matter (it comes to the fact if the person
involved is educated enough in this field of construction or if he is
sympathetic about the idea than he will give it a go, otherwise not).
I know there are different stories about achieveing this perspectives
in each country but any new info would be helpfull. We have just a
handfull of strawbale buildings in Slovenia and none of them is
loadbaring. If I could do anything that could help push loadbaring
strawbale building towards the mainstream I will give my best.
Normally this is not a start, but when people ask you questions if you
surely get a permit for this kind of building and you don`t have the
answer it is not good news.

This is my point of view

Jure Pozar / sLOVEnia Strawbale Building

2011/12/18 donald mchardy <fieryx at hotmail...>:
>  if I choose to build SB or anything else on my land using my money and
> resources then the standard of build quality ie if it collapses after a week
> or stays up for 300 years,  is no-one's business except mine.
> The UK is awash with standards ... and build quality tends to be woeful.  I
> set my own standards and I have to live with them.
> jm2pw
>> > standards?? straw bale is *easy* to build with.
>> But still you can have high-quality and low-quality straw constructions.
>> Standards are a way of agreeing on what constitutes high quality, and in my
>> opinion are necessary to get straw building into mainstream. (I'm commenting
>> on standards in general, I have no idea how ETA works.)
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