[Strawbale] ESBG 2011 and the future of strawbale building

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Wed Aug 31 17:03:45 CEST 2011

Dear Martin, dear all

I think the "authority" are the european networkers in sum.
In fact, I think, they should decide about the future way.

My opinion is, that there has to be a big difference between national and
international gatherings and workshops. This would be easy to guarantee by
some simple rules:

The ESBG should again be a place, where all or most of the networkers meet,
share experiences in depth, talk, visit built examples of locally
strawbale-houses, coordinate funding, tests and cooperation, get energy an
new motivation for their own work and ADDITIONALLY maybe support the
national organisation in making a nationwide conference or workshops (before
or after). Target-groups: just skilled builders, otherwise those, who make
presentations always had to start at the very beginning: what is a strawbale
for, why does it burn so bad, what is with mice and bugs, what about
building physics and moisture, what is a passive house and the difference
between infill and loadbearing construction...

National strawbale organisations and european networkers normally share and
enhance these (and their own) experiences in their own country, nationwide
or locally (or even on their own websites). Target-groups: newbies to
skilled builders (maybe separated in different workshops)...

I would add one main rule: a national organisation or networker should at
least have organised one national gathering to proof her/his ability, to
organize a much bigger international event. Ventilated rooms, beamers, rooms
to meet, shuttles for those who arrive by train... should be basic

Mit lieben Grüßen / kind regards
Herbert Gruber
asbn - austrian strawbale network
Österreichisches Netzwerk für Strohballenbau
3720 Ravelsbach, Baierdorf 6
Email: asbn at baubiologie...

> Dear Herbert, dear all,
> thanks for Herberts mail. The thread has been a bit lost. I guess already
> since Belgium. Self-builders are very well on their way and will continue to
> do so. Actually Max's proposal for a gathering in CZ had been already denied
> at the gathering in Denmark.
> So shall we sort of reclaim some sort of authority for an organizing committe,
> what would be the message for a next gathering, possibly more in form of a
> symposium? I would like to see strawbale-constructions will represent itself
> to the large public as one of the ready solutions to the energy and CO2
> crisis.
> Best wishes,
> Martin

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