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Dear Tomáš

In a caricature the nose of the person, you draw has not to be in the exact
dimensions of the original, otherwise it wouldn't be a caricature.
What I wrote is sort of a caricature (because it was too sad to be earnest),
to work out, what is really important to me: the future of the ESBG and the
european network.
This style of carrying some details to extremes seemed to me the only way,
to tell, what I felt, went extremely wrong.
But in detail: I remember the clock starting immediately at zero in the
afternoon, e.g. when Max had his presentation, which was sort of funny for
me, because he started at 16:somewhat..., but as you say, this is a minor
And the company, we (Noel) tried to ask about clayplaster-additives
(reed-fibres) as well as about details of their prefab-technique was
ecococoon (LT), who were looking for partners to sell their product but
didn't really share.
But I have to agree, that most of the networkers and strawbuilders shared
their experiences. But learning from each other needs comparison, time and
going into depth, which I really missed.

And I want to say, that in my eyes you did your technical job at the
conference very well. But I primarly wrote about 'software', not hardware
(except of the missing beamer at Podoli).

Mit lieben Grüßen / kind regards
Herbert Gruber
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> Hello!

Thank you for the opinions. I'm a member of the ESBG team, one of my
> main responsibilities was taking care of the hardware on the conference. I
> cannot speak for the team, but I can offer some personal views.

> The
> schedule was tight, to say the least. We were at the clock; a countdown-device
> counted 20 minutes, starting again in the second it reached zero.

The short
> format of the talks was considered a feature, we wanted something like
> TED.com. I wrote the countdown device (an iPad app) and I can assure you it
> did not restart automatically after reaching zero. It's a minor point, but you
> should be careful about taking a license when writing a critique.

> Questions
> were entirely postponed to after the last presentation at 5 pm

Which I still
> consider a good thing, because otherwise it would be impossible to keep the
> schedule. Having the discussion postponed to after the talks was also good in
> that we had all the speakers on the stage, which lead to nice discussion
> between them. In each case there were just a few questions from the public, so
> that I don't feel like we stifled the discussion by the conference format.

> Unfortunately even off the stage it was not possible to learn much, because
> whatever was interesting and not per se understandable in the presented system
> turned out to be a secret of the inventors.

Can you please be more specific?
> I felt the opposite way, that most of the speakers were very happy to
> share.

Tomáš Znamenáček

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> very silent
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