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> Dear Zac and all, I agree with Rikki. In my experience you have to pre  
> compress very well the walls. The roof plate has to be well designed and  
> dimensioned. Using the truck ratchet straps we compress the bales as  
> much as we can (in some building we reached until 20 cm. compression).  
> We keep the wall compressed with polyester corded straps and buckles.

Perhaps it would be useful to mention that with load-bearing SB walls, it  
will ultimately be the plaster skins that take the gravity loads.

As such, it's a matter of detailing the plaster properly to anticipate the  
intended design loading.

Even infill buildings will benefit from pre-compression of the bales, the  
tensile reinforcement providing lateral stability to the SB wall panels.

Ideally embedded mesh would be used as the tensile reinforcement.

One of the more interesting precompression methods that have been  
developed over the years is the pneumatic air bag method, whereby a long  
tube (typically made of EPDM rubber) is placed between a wooden sandwich  
on top of the entire length of the walls and then inflated, compressing  
all of the walls at the same time to the same density, after which the  
mesh is fixed (connecting the sill plate and roof bearing assembly), the  
air bag deflated and the top "slice" of the wooden sandwich removed.

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