[Strawbale] Green roofs on strawbale buildings

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Dear Zac and all, I agree with Rikki. In my experience you have to pre compress very well the walls. The roof plate has to be well designed and dimensioned. Using the truck ratchet straps we compress the bales as much as we can (in some building we reached until 20 cm. compression). We keep the wall compressed with polyester corded straps and buckles. In this case we did not have any problem of moviments or cracs. Anyway I suggest you a rich straw mix for the body coat and (I usually do) jute mash before the finishing layer.
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Thanks for your replies Carol and Nigel and also Rikki.
I ordered that ebook Carol and it looks good so thanks for that. Was sorry to hear about your experiences in Teruel Nigel, and to be honest this did scare me a bit since it sounds like my worst nightmare. Still what Rikki said was somewhat reassuring. It sounds like it would be good to pre-compress the bale walls with strapping over the wall plate before putting a green roof on. Do you guys think this would solve the problem?- bales would be compressed and level prior to any extra load being added. Or maybe i should stick to lighter roofs until i have more experience? The building i am considering will only be 4metres by 3metres.  

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