[Strawbale] Post and Beam

Michel Van Mulders michelvanmulders at siol...
Mon Sep 13 14:49:46 CEST 2010

Hello Everyone,

The question of Jure about post and beam is worth posting again.
As a builder in the near future I am also looking for answers.

As far as I know there are basically 2 post and beam methods for building with bales within the non-load bearing method.
Or as infill, like an adapted Segal method, or as they do like S-house in Austria; enclosing the timber structure with boards and stag the bales around the house in a running bond.
I would not like to have a board inside the house to plaster. It does not function like a strawbale for indoor climate, is more costly etc...

Most of us are interested in strawbale building but we are not architects, contractors etc... just people who want to build this way and look for the right people to assist, advise.

Here in Slovenia such buildings are almost not existing and if, they are done without much experience.

How could we have more information, that we could pass on to an architect without strawbale experience?

Are there plans available that can be adapted?

Is there maybe "post and beam software" available for strawbale building that could be used by a local architect?

Or we could maybe use an architect from abroad, just to make the basic plans and have the other plans (construction plans for electrician, plumber etc..) done by a local one.

In any case, here in Slovenia we need more then one architect to build a house. The other we must use to do the engineering plans to get approval.

If there are professionals, architects, or people out there with experience that could advise, please do, we would be very grateful.

With greetings from Slovenia,


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