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Dear Jure, Michel and all other non-loadberaing builders

In my workshops I have listed 7 (8) different non-loadbearing-systems, which
are used in Austria and ­ as far as I know ­ in Europe:

1) exterior strawbale-wall with direct plaster on the outside, construction
typical example:

2) system S-house, which is nearly 1) but with big bales on the outside and
a ventilated wooden facade, fixed with special screws

3) interior strawbale-wall (normally directly plastered on the inside) with
an outside construction (wood or plaster on plaster-boards)

4) system GREB (France), as can be seen detailed on french websites

5) CST-system (Cellule Sous Tensions) by Tom Rijven, as is described in his
book (Between Earth and Straw) and on his website

6) StrohTec-system, which we established in 1999 and was built in Austria
and Germany more than 100times the last ten years in variations, a classical
infill-system, strawbales between posts, covered with structural boards or
diagonal wood on both sides of the posts/beams
typical example: 

7) a new modular system called system|haus|bau, which we developed last year
as you can see on:

8) The Modcell-system in UK is another modular system, which uses cellulose
or strawbale as an infill-insulation-material, but there are not many
details available...

Mit lieben Grüßen
Herbert Gruber
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> Hello Everyone,
> The question of Jure about post and beam is worth posting again.
> As a builder in the near future I am also looking for answers.
> As far as I know there are basically 2 post and beam methods for building with
> bales within the non-load bearing method.
> Or as infill, like an adapted Segal method, or as they do like S-house in
> Austria; enclosing the timber structure with boards and stag the bales around
> the house in a running bond.
> I would not like to have a board inside the house to plaster. It does not
> function like a strawbale for indoor climate, is more costly etc...
> Most of us are interested in strawbale building but we are not architects,
> contractors etc... just people who want to build this way and look for the
> right people to assist, advise.
> Here in Slovenia such buildings are almost not existing and if, they are done
> without much experience.
> How could we have more information, that we could pass on to an architect
> without strawbale experience?
> Are there plans available that can be adapted?
> Is there maybe "post and beam software" available for strawbale building that
> could be used by a local architect?
> Or we could maybe use an architect from abroad, just to make the basic plans
> and have the other plans (construction plans for electrician, plumber etc..)
> done by a local one.
> In any case, here in Slovenia we need more then one architect to build a
> house. The other we must use to do the engineering plans to get approval.
> If there are professionals, architects, or people out there with experience
> that could advise, please do, we would be very grateful.
> With greetings from Slovenia,
> Michel.
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