[Strawbale] UK SB Wall Panel Thermal Testing report

Dave Howorth dave at howorth....uk
Wed May 12 00:45:49 CEST 2010

On Tue, 2010-05-11 at 13:40 -0400, RT wrote:
> I think that it would be reasonable to assume that most, if not all of the  
> members of this List

Since you cross-posted many lists (which is usually viewed as rude) and
since I seem to be on a list which is not "this List", would you mind
explaining to me and everybody else which list "this List" is so we
could at least search for the list archive to explain what on earth
you're talking about?

>  (and all of the other SB Lists) would be interested  
> in having a look that the UK thermal testing report.

Indeed, I would be interested in that.

> (And thanks to dearest YakWoman for provide the non-sloth version of the  
> SIU-to-Imperial conversion (me being the sloth who didn't take the time to  
> separate out the plaster skins:
>      On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 18:16:15 -0400, Kelly Lerner  
> <klerner at one-world-design...> wrote:
> 	> Hey Rob,
> 	> I took off 1" stucco on each side (at R 0.2/inch) on both sides and came
> 	> up with R 1.75/inch for the bales themselves. Still better than the R
> 	> 1.25/inch that is listed in the 2007 PHPP. ).

I'm intrigued by this,since as far as I can tell, neither the word
'straw' nor 'stroh' appear anywhere in my copy of PHPP2007. Can Kelly or
anybody else tell me where in PHPP2007 it occurs?

Cheers, Dave

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