[Strawbale] UK SB Wall Panel Thermal Testing report

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Tue May 11 19:40:18 CEST 2010

I think that it would be reasonable to assume that most, if not all of the  
members of this List (and all of the other SB Lists) would be interested  
in having a look that the UK thermal testing report.

And if Peter is human and prone to the frailties that affect most of us  
(okay, okay, maybe it's just me) then there's a chance that one or more of  
the many scattered requests seen here may get waylaid, mislaid or just  
plain missed.

To deal with that possibility, perhaps the report could be put up & stored  
at a website so that anyone interested in seeing it can download it on  
their own and at their convenience rather than having to pester Peter for  
the paper in perpetuity ?
(I would suggest the same for *all* SB test reports done globally... heck,  
make that universally)

If the report's authors or the GSBN List do not have a website with the  
capability to facilitate this, I'm sure that the members of the SB-r-Us  
Yahoogroup would be willing to allow it to be done through its  
file-sharing capacity.

(And thanks to dearest YakWoman for provide the non-sloth version of the  
SIU-to-Imperial conversion (me being the sloth who didn't take the time to  
separate out the plaster skins:

     On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 18:16:15 -0400, Kelly Lerner  
<klerner at one-world-design...> wrote:

	> Hey Rob,
	> I took off 1" stucco on each side (at R 0.2/inch) on both sides and came
	> up with R 1.75/inch for the bales themselves. Still better than the R
	> 1.25/inch that is listed in the 2007 PHPP. ).

And did I mention that today is El Lupo's  (aka "The Straw Wolf"  aka  
"John Glassford" aka "John Swearingen's twin-brother-by-different-  
mothers)  66th birthday  ?  (Although, I am puzzled as to why he's the  
straw "wolf" given that he's actually a Monkey (by Chinese zodiac and by  
(mischievious) nature  or by most reports, like a lizard, as in that  
quaint Oz term "flat out drunk like a lizard").

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