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I know 5 straw bale houses in Bulgaria
They might be more.
Sibina Eftenova

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As far as I know there are two other strawbale houses in Romania:

In 1999 Simon Pratt (UK) and Cai & Jolien from Stro&co (NL) came to help us build a strawbale house at a summer camp for orphans near the village of Bogda. Here's a link to Google Maps showing roughly where it is: http://bit.ly/abgQCc

As far as I know it was never completely finished due to some disputes over ownership of the land.

There is also one which was completed, at Boteni, which is a village somewhere close to Bucuresti I think.


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Hi Alex,

It is in Transilvania. Take the road from Bucharest to Brasov.
draw a line between Brasov and Sfantu Gheorghe and to the east of that line in the slopes of of the Carpatian mountains.

it was never finished inside.

dave lambrechts

On 18 jun 2010, at 13:04, Alex Cristescu wrote:

Hello Dave,
Where have you seen in romania?
I am from romania and i"ll start building a straw bale house next year?

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i have seen one in romania.

rene dalmeijer or michel post have a list from the netherlands.

dave lambrechts

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