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As far as I know there are two other strawbale houses in Romania:

In 1999 Simon Pratt (UK) and Cai & Jolien from Stro&co (NL) came to help us
build a strawbale house at a summer camp for orphans near the village of
Bogda. Here's a link to Google Maps showing roughly where it is:

As far as I know it was never completely finished due to some disputes over
ownership of the land.

There is also one which was completed, at Boteni, which is a village
somewhere close to Bucuresti I think.


On 18 June 2010 13:22, Dave Lambrechts <dave225 at dds...> wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> It is in Transilvania. Take the road from Bucharest to Brasov.
> draw a line between Brasov and Sfantu Gheorghe and to the east of that line
> in the slopes of of the Carpatian mountains.
> it was never finished inside.
> dave lambrechts
> On 18 jun 2010, at 13:04, Alex Cristescu wrote:
> Hello Dave,
> Where have you seen in romania?
> I am from romania and i"ll start building a straw bale house next year?
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> hello,
> i have seen one in romania.
> rene dalmeijer or michel post have a list from the netherlands.
> dave lambrechts
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