[Strawbale] results of sb houses across europe pls

Max Vittrup Jensen Max at PermaLot...
Mon Jul 12 12:13:36 CEST 2010

Hiya Burkhard,

I believe I'm now able to find time to contribute with a fair estimate of
amount of SB buildings in Czech Republic, however I'd like to have some
parameters as to what constitute a SB building?

My hesitation is that the predominant amount of buildings which I'll call
'SB buildings' are not legal as residential house; some are completely
'black', others build as recreational cottages, (but inhabited all year).
Off the buildings which are residential, there's any number of imaginable
architect fantasy of including some straw into a building while avoiding to
confront the building offices! This used to be the case until the architects
realized that there's nothing illegal about building a 'real' SB house, but
unfortunately these high-embodied energy variations are continuing due to
the desire to reach the so-called 'Passive house standards'.
-Case example; building a solid concrete re-bar enforced structure, adding
straw for insulation and covering with wood and/or hollow bricks.

No, my point here is not to start a 'puritist', nor a 'Passive House =High
Embodied Energy' debate. I simply would like to know how you would like us
to count the buildings in SB with straw in them?
Only legal residential/commercial buildings?
Insulation of old residential/commercial buildings with SB?
Rough definition of a SB building? (At what level does SB become a means of
'green-washing', rather than an approach to building?)

Max Vittrup Jensen
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