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Hello neale,
Just a quick thought about the barrier you thinking of puting btw your straw and clading.
Bariers do clog up after time and become impervious. Also during constructions even if you very carefull u will necessarily get spots where seams are no tsealed properly o r membrane got accidentaly pierced. Alsoo it is lot of work and finacial investmen.
I'd say simple way of doing a good moisture breathable barrier is to apply one layer of clay plaster,canter get pierced or otherwise damaged and is easy and quick to apply if you don't need nice looking or smooth finish. You can even get it sprayed on - very good penetration can be achived w some plastering machines. Last but no least co2 footprint of this would be propably smaller than the breathable membrane.

Neale, would you mind publishing your work so far on www.strawbale-net.eu ? That would be very appreciated!

Hvae fun and cheers f your work!

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   1. Re:  results of sb houses across europe pls (Neale Brickwood)


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Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 22:35:10 +0000
From: Neale Brickwood <neale.brickwood at googlemail...>
Subject: Re: [Strawbale] results of sb houses across europe pls
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HI Carol

Been reading your blog and website, great stuff well done!! I'm also  
doing the CAT Msc and just finishing off my 7th module essay on "is  
Finance slowing the growth of straw" specifically looking at  
mainstream solutions for using straw in build and how the banks view  
it as a material. Interesting stuff and some varied but obvious  
findings. The thesis scares me though especially now having read yours  
and feeling like there's no way i can do that!! But one step at a time  
i guess

I havent been able to find a case in the UK where a SB house has been  
built for sale on the open market - thereby testing the principles of  
mortgageability. Wonder if you are aware of any?

I'm thinking of a dry build using a timber frame to provide the  
structure and dry enclosure with the straw being inserted from the  
inside (in the dry) timber cladding outside, plasterboard inside. I  
know it dosnt stack up with the purist principles but will provide  
substantial Co2 savings by omitting brick, block and insulation and  
obviously sand and cement.

I presume i'd need a breathable vapour barrier between the timber  
structure and the cladding which would allow the straw to breathe. Do  
you know if any one has done any U value calcs for this type of build  
or do you forsee any problems?

Do you have any open days coming up, i'd love to pop up and see what  
youve done.

Keep up the good work



neale.brickwood at googlemail...


Ikon Land and New Homes Limited
The coach House
2 hereford Road

On 10 Jul 2010, at 21:03, carolatkn at aol... wrote:

> Hi Burkhard
> I'm not sure if you have had any response from the UK yet. My quick  
> list got to 22 sb houses (there are many other kinds of building  
> too). I'll keep checking and let you know if I find more
> It was a great chart you produced. Many thanks
> Carol
> www.strawcottage.co.uk
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> Subject: [Strawbale] results of sb houses across europe pls
> hello burkard,
> would it be possible to post to the list the information you compiled
> from your research into how many houses we have across europe? im sure
> everyone would like to see it.
> this would be also quite good infromation to post on eu sb website, if
> you dont mind.
> cheers
> norak
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