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The response from Henk makes me think of another subject where I'd love to
learn more, and perhaps the knowledge on this list can help this?

I'm aware that:
-An alarming number of Hurricane Katrina survivors got severe health
problems (some died) from being relocated to emergency mobile homes made
from fresh OSB.
-In comparative research on particle board, plywood and OSB, the OSB ranks
as the highest for fungi susceptibility.
-Last year I read that 60% of OSB on the European market came from
threatened rain forest.
-I've been made aware that the production of OSB (and burning of wood chips)
has caused a 'vacuuming' of the forest floor, reducing the necessary amount
of carbon in forest eco-systems.
-As part of my University research in 2008, I made a price comparison
between using solid wooden boards compared to OSB and investment was equal
(in CZ), only the time of mounting it spoke in favour of OSB.
-OSB may act as a ticking bomb in case of poor detailing by the construction
company, allowing moisture to get to the OSB: they will rapidly turn black
with fungi spores, but without visual signs for the occupant.
-What does OSB do to the 'breath-ability' of the house?
-How far does your OSB travel? The 'baubiologie' approved brand from
Scotland may be great on the British Isles, but how appropriate is it on
mainland Europe?
-I'm convinced that (beyond the 4 good points mentioned yesterday by Derek
and ?), there's a special 'marriage' happening between the integration of
the earth plaster and straw, which provides additional positive feed-back
loops which our isolated scientific science approach have not yet proven. In
other words; this is typically lost when useing OSB. (stays if the french
dip is applied, but bales has to be mighty dry before installing to avoid
fungi in the OSB).

So, with that out in the open: Please "Teach me Tiger"....????

Max Vittrup Jensen
PS: On my first construction jobs back in '91 in USA OSB was the hot 'green'
approach to stick-frame housing. I've were an advocate of it for years and
do have some in storage. I'm simply pointing out that there's reasons to be
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