[Strawbale] French SB Network is looking for official european SB tests

Peter van Balen peter at tentotwo...
Wed Jan 20 21:40:09 CET 2010

Salut André,

This raises lots of questions, as you are probably well aware of - to  
quickly name a few:

What's the purpose of 'validating' the use of SB as infill:
- standardising construction (i.e. infill) techniques?
- standardising strawbale specs (dimensions, density, R-value)?
- … (other)

Would (future) professional builders have to follow these (future)  
codes to be able to be insured?
Is this a (future) customer-led/demended process or profesional/ 

Would any use of SB (as infill) not following (future) code thus  
'invalidate' such use?

Warm regards


> Hoi Peter,
>> What kind of tests/data are you looking for?
> All certified tests/data.
>> And for what use: load-bearing and/or infill?
> These 'building codes' (R?gles Professionnels) will only validate the
> use of non structural SB infil that can hold earth and/or lime  
> plaster.
> But that does not mean we are not interested in other validated  
> testing
> (nor does it mean that loadbearing is not alowed, it is just more
> difficult to get the the professional builder insured)
> kind regards,
> Andr?

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