[Strawbale] French SB Network is looking for official european SB tests

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Wed Jan 20 13:04:14 CET 2010

if i'm correct there is official data from germany and austria about the lambda-values of strawbales. I don't have the correct links here with me, but i'm sure someone else can give them,...

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Subject: Re: [Strawbale] French SB Network is looking for official european SB tests
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Bonjour André,

What kind of tests/data are you looking for?
And for what use: load-bearing and/or infill?

Peter van Balen

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> Subject: [Strawbale] French SB Network is looking for official europan
>     SB    tests
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> Hello everybody,
> Best wishes to everyone; may 2010 be filled with light and laughter.
> The French SB Network is entering a very important phase. We are
> starting a testing program that will allow us to create french SB
> building codes (in 1 or 2 years). In order to avoid testing what has
> allready been tested before we would really appr?ciate that all of you
> who have been involved in (or are aware of) official tests r?alised in
> any European country let us know. They need to be certified tests so  
> we
> can try to get them validated here in France also. This could save  
> us a
> lot of money and speed up the process. We are willing to pay for the
> test results if they are accepted by our (official) french partners.
> Please sent your replies to me (contact A lamaisonenpaille.com).
> Friendly SB greetings,
> Andr? de Bouter
> Les Compaillons - R?seau Fran?ais de la Construction en Paille (French
> SB Network)
> www.compaillons.fr
> La Maison en Paille
> www.lamaisonenpaille.com

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