[Strawbale] Plaster and fire safety -And PU question

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Tue Dec 7 01:25:45 CET 2010

Dear Andre and Bane

> Plaster and fire safety:www.svepomocnastaveni.cz/?p=81
Bane: Using my typical level of diplomacy (which is not unlike what's 
now publicly displayed by Wikileaks!), I suggested he rather promoted 
his skills here: www.darwinawards.com (!) [Unfortunately they don't hand 
out pre-mortal awards!]

Andre: Yes, lovely with a free world and all that jazz; problem is that 
such actions has much further reaching effects than the personal one.
I've witnessed how in Denmark SB building is [Generally!] for the left 
wing do-it-yourself'er, which several SB folks believe is due to the 
effect SB building was introduced in DK; Through Steen Mollers lovely TV 
documentary, making a small cottage in his backyard. I love it, but fact 
is SB building can do so much more.  Opposite; in countries such as 
Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, it's my impression that SB building 
[Generally!] is for the wealthy folks who can afford a fine architect 
custom build low-energy house. Also good, but it excludes the main stream.

My concern is that I'd love SB building in CZ to be attractive for the 
mainstream. They won't care much for the ecology of the straw, but for 
the final low-energy modern house, and preferably at a lower cost than 
the once they currently invest in, made from unsustainable materials 
made by foreign owned companies. This brings me back to the issue of the 
unplastered house. Should it burn, (and worse; kill someone), it will be 
virtually impossible to pursuade mainstream to move into a house with 
SB's in the walls. -It's bad enough that we have to pay 150% in fire 
insurance already!!

Lastly PU:
Kurt: What's your information about toxicity of Poly Urethan? (Used as 
glue in OSB). As an Ing. in Environmental Management, I'd instantly 
point at the lifecycle issue of it; how the heck do you separate the 
stuff, in order to dispose/recycle the items separately????  Any 
solutions for that, Herbert? ;o)


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